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Thrive Wellness Center For Women

Gynecology & Functional Medicine located in Glendale, CA

Total Healthcare for Women

Looking for an inspired approach to healthcare?

Are you tired of the 5-minute appointments, the confusing medication lists and then the push out the door?

Do you often wonder what else you could do to optimize your health and minimize your reliance on prescription drugs?

Yearning for that genuine connection with your health practitioner?

Then you have been seeking a medical oasis that provides all the routine healthcare you need, plus a place where you can grow a meaningful patient-provider partnership. Learn more about holistic, mind-body approaches to wellness and begin to integrate alternative therapies into an effective, evidence-based care plan.

At Thrive Wellness Center For Women, you can receive the same comprehensive healthcare available at most primary care offices including:

  • Annual Physical and Well Woman Exams
  • Integrative Gynecology Care
  • Management of Abnormal Paps and Cervical Disease
  • HPV Treatment
  • STD Screening
  • Contraception
  • Evaluation & Treatment of Irregular and Painful Periods
  • Treatment of Recurrent Vaginal Infections
  • Mammogram and Colonoscopy Referrals
  • Management of Complex Chronic Conditions (thyroid dysfunction, hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia and more)
  • Urgent Same Day Appointments (UTI, cough, cold and more)
  • Convenient Telemedicine Appointments

All care is performed in the supportive setting of integrative medicine. Your Thrive Team will address not only your acute symptoms and overlying health conditions, but will also explore underlying root causes of chronic conditions and devise a comprehensive approach to help you achieve optimum wellness.

In partnership with your Thrive health practitioner and functional nutrition coach, you can create your own unique care plan combining the best of holistic approaches and evidence-based medicine. Your Thrive Team will collaborate with you, utilizing both in-person office and convenient telemedicine visits, to help you choose your best path toward optimal wellness.

The path to optimal health is a journey and your Thrive Team will be here for you


smiling adolescent girl with red hair

Adolescent Gynecology

Evaluations, treatments, and support tailored to teens.

Our Services



annual exams icon


Annual Exams

Assessing your total health, screening for common health issues and taking steps to prevent disease

std screening icon


STD Screening

Maintaining your best sexual health by offering convenient and discrete saliva, blood, and urine tests

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Offering a holistic approach to medicine and many treatment options to alleviate your symptoms


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Taking many factors into consideration to determine the best methods for you and your family planning needs

functional medicine icon


Functional Medicine

Providing you with the tools, guidance and compassionate care needed to manage your health and wellness

pelvic health icon


Pelvic Health

Identifying the cause of your pelvic health issue to determine personalized treatments that optimize your wellness


pap smear icon


Pap Smear

Empowering you to take charge of your cervical health through exams, educational tools, coaching, and advice

adolescent gynecology icon


Adolescent Gynecology

Offering comprehensive care to girls aged 13-19 to ease fears and provide the care that young teens need

bioidentical hormone replacement icon


Hormone Replacement Therapy

Assessing your hormone levels and determining what hormones you need to stay balanced and feel great



Our Providers

Meet the Team




Jennifer Huddleston

provider image

Jennifer Huddleston




Jennifer Huddleston, PA-C, is a women’s health expert with more than 20 years of experience who specializes in gynecology and functional medicine.


"Your life journey is important and we want to get to know you not just as a patient, but as the complete, wonderful, multifaceted person you are."

Our Testimonials


"I can't say enough wonderful things about our experience with Jennifer. My wife and I came to her previous practice for fertility help. She was there to guide and support us every step of the way."


Sarah L.

I've been a patient of Jennifer for years. She's caring, smart, and always remembers even small details about my history. I'm happy to see her start her own practice.



Amy C.

Jennifer huddleston, the PA, is so kind and smart. She is honest and gives great advice. She was so caring towards me regarding my injury and I was extremely grateful for her help.



Lynn M.



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