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Thrive Wellness Center For Women

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When it comes to contraception, many factors are taken into consideration to determine the best method for you and your family planning needs. At Thrive Wellness Center For Women in Glendale, California, Jennifer Huddleston, PA-C, and the women’s health team specialize in contraception care. To discuss your contraception options with a team who places your needs above all else, contact the office in Los Angeles by phone or online today.

Contraception Q & A

What is contraception? contraception icons 

Contraception, also called birth control, is the deliberate methods used to prevent unwanted pregnancy. When it comes to preventing pregnancy, you have many contraception options. The team at Thrive Wellness Center For Women offers contraception appointments to discuss the methods of birth control with you so you can make a well-informed decision that meets your family planning and health needs.  

Thrive Wellness Center For Women provides care for women of all ages and offers contraception consultations for their adolescent gynecology service called Thrive Teen. 

birth control pillsWhat are the types of contraception?

There are many types of contraception. Some types are more effective than others. The types include:


Sterilization is a permanent form of birth control and only recommended if you have no future pregnancy plans. For women, sterilization is a surgical procedure called tubal ligation or having your tubes tied. During the procedure, your fallopian tubes are cut to prevent your egg from being fertilized by sperm. 

Long-acting reversible contraception (LARC)

LARCs are implant devices that may prevent pregnancy for 3-10 years and include hormonal implants and intrauterine devices. LARCs work by stopping ovulation, preventing sperm from reaching your egg, and/or making it too difficult for egg implantation in your uterus. 

Short-acting hormonal birth control

The birth control pill, hormone shots, birth control patch, and vaginal ring are types of short-acting hormonal birth control. This type of contraception either prevents your ovaries from releasing an egg or stopping sperm from reaching your egg.

Barrier methods

Barrier methods of contraception include diaphragms, condoms, and the cervical cap. This form of contraception prevents sperm from reaching your egg.

Most forms of birth control don’t protect against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). If you’re sexually active with more than one partner, the team at Thrive Wellness Center For Women may recommend you use more than one form of birth control to prevent pregnancy and STDs. 

What can I expect during a contraception consultation?

You can expect a comprehensive evaluation when you come in to see the team at Thrive Wellness Center For Women for a contraception consultation. During your exam, your provider asks detailed questions about your gynecological and sexual history as well as your current and future family planning needs. In most cases, a pelvic exam isn’t needed during your contraception consultation.

Then, your provider reviews all your contraception options with you and together you determine the method that best suits your needs.

To schedule your contraception consultation, call Thrive Wellness Center For Women or schedule an appointment through the online booking tool today.