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Holy hot flashes! Some women are lucky enough to breeze through menopause like a walk in the park, while others experience symptoms that affect every aspect of daily life. At Thrive Wellness Center For Women in Glendale, California, Jennifer Huddleston, PA-C, and the team take a holistic approach to medicine and offer many treatment options so you can breeze through menopause too. To schedule an appointment, contact the office in Los Angeles by phone or through the online booking tool today.

Menopause Q & A

What is menopause? female symbol 

Menopause occurs when you’ve gone 12 consecutive months without your period, marking the end of your fertility. Once you’ve reached your menopause, production of estrogen and progesterone decreases significantly, which may increase your risk of developing chronic health conditions such as heart disease or osteoporosis. 

However, menopause doesn’t happen all at once. In fact, your hormone levels may start to change months or years before you officially reach menopause. During the transitional periods, called perimenopause, you may experience many of the symptoms associated with menopause.

Most women start the perimenopause in the mid- to late-forties. You may remain in the transitional stage of menopause for up to four years. On average, women in the United States reach menopause by age 52. 

What are menopause symptoms? woman waving fan 

Menopause symptoms vary in type and severity. Some women are lucky and breeze through menopause like a walk in the park and others have some pretty extreme symptoms, such as:

  • Hot flashes
  • Fatigue
  • Poor sleep
  • Brain fog
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Loss of sexual drive

In addition to the physical symptoms, some women also experience loss of bone density and muscle mass after menopause. 

While menopause is a natural process, some somen experience severe symptoms that have a real negative impact on quality of life. 

What treatments can help my menopause symptoms?

Though you can’t stop menopause, you have many treatment options to alleviate your symptoms. The team at Thrive Wellness Center For Women offer many options ranging from natural preparations to bioidentical hormones, patches, pellets, and more. 

How do I know what menopause treatment is best for me?

Deciding on which form of hormone replacement therapy might work best for you can be a daunting task to say the least. The experts at Thrive Wellness Center For Women ask detailed questions about your medical history and therapeutic goals to help you choose the safest, most effective treatment plan for your menopause. 

The team offers a variety of approaches, incorporating safe and effective naturally derived bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) options, including BioTE® Medical BHRT pellets. Bioidentical hormones are made from natural sources and mimic the actions of the hormones naturally found in your body to alleviate symptoms. 

Connect with Thrive Wellness Center For Women by phone or online today to learn more about how you can make your menopause journey healthy and vibrant.